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Hey I'm new here. My name is Lauren and I'm 15. I was diagnosed with ana in Febuary. My low weight was 121 and my high weight was 150 from being in the hospital. Now I just recently came out of the hospital and weigh 146. My starting goal is 120. I need a lot of support and motivation to keep me going. My thinspiration is Julia Stiles and Mary Kate. Anyway does anyone wear a red ana bracelet? I just got one yesterday. I look at it if I start to lose hope in being thinner. I was wearing it at the gym today and it kept me going. A good thing about me is I push myself past my limit. I joined weight watchers to make everything look like just a diet. I stay low in calories and points. Because in WW you are sopossed to have all your points I only use half each day. Its the same as counting calories. Does anyone take risperdal?I think thats what caused me to gain so much. Think Thin. * MwAh *
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