coral_arratia (coral_arratia) wrote in love_ed,

I join this community only because I'd like to help someone..

Im Coral and I dont have ed, im very thin and I eat to much and I never get weight... and many people think I have some ed.....
Girls/Boys this is not okay, this is not something easy that you can do and the next day stop it, its an addiction, its wrong, every person its beautiful !! I mean you may not have a supermodel, but why trying to look like someone else, are you a copy? I mean its not fair for your friends and family when they find out about it.. its not cool, there is other ways to loose weight like making a sport, or eating the right things, I mean bulimia and anorexia are not the only way, when you have a ed you dont look right, you look sick !! and ugly, you look tired, I mean its not fair to your body .... if someone here has an ed please look for help, I mean dont say you can stop it, because you can, the mind its the most powerful thing, if it is your friend not your enemy, I wish I could help you, because thats really sad, I mean Adriana Lima, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, they are supermodels and they dont look freaking bad, beauty its about whats inside...

seriously some of you need help...
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