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ED Love

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The love of Eating Disorders.
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This community has been created for all forms of eating disorders, and the love of eating disorders. If you support any type of ED then this community is for you.

Each week we will be giving a new topic, this way, the community remains active, and we'd be able to get to see other peoples views on certain subjects. At times we will be looking for a topic to post about for the next week, if you have any suggestions, please contact Emily or Ariana. State your suggestion, your livejournal username (so we can give credit), and you might see it up one of the following weeks.

You will not get a warning if you disobey any of these following rules, and you will get banned from the community immediately!

1.) No bashing any form of eating disorders.
2.) Do not start flame wars.
3.) Only post entries ED related.
4.) Please use an LJ-cut for ALL pictures.
5.) Please respect all members, and treat them all equally. All of us are here because either we are diagnosed with an ED, or support EDs.
6.) For topic submissions, check the memories page. No matter when you join the community, you can still post your opinion/views on the topic. We'll keep each topic submission numbered, that way, you know which ones you posted on, and which ones you haven't.
7.)Please post only ED related posts.
Icons, banners, rants, photos, artwork, poetry, prose, ED community promotions are welcome.

To show that you are a part of this community, please save this following image to your own server, and link back to us through it to your userinfo. Whichever eating disorder you have, you can use that image to link back to us.

LJ: __sicklullaby
email: sicklullaby@msn.com
AIM: sick lullaby

LJ: xspecialk
email: wehescubaelf@yahoo.com
AIM: an aura of ruby