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Borrowed from the Red Bracelet website. Some of you may have already seen this. But sometimes repetition can be good. I have a few tips and tricks of my own that I will share in the future. Enjoy. Crossposted. Mods, let me know if this is unacceptable in anyway.

* drink 3 cups of Green tea. it speeds up your metabolism. drink it hot, cold, or with calorie free sweetener
* brush your teeth all the time. keep a toothbrush with you! food tastes disgusting with a clean mouth!
* if you feel a binge coming on, swallow a teaspoon or two of vinegar. this will stop a binge cold in its tracks. don't do this very often though, as it WILL cause ulcers.
* drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. what helps is drinking a glass of water every hour. not only does this keep you urinating (your kidneys will thank you later) it keeps you from wanting to eat, you're full of drinking!
* Put some ambesol in your mouth. It just works. I don't know why!

* COUNT YOUR CALORIES!!! DUH!! EVERY SINGLE ONE!! if you don't know what the count is, then don't eat it.

* think of something that really, really disgusts you. people farting, fat people, smelly people, the smell of vomit, etc. still hungry after that?

* eat slow and chew each piece of food at least 20 times. this really works, especially for mias, since it's easier to purge smaller chunks of food. (gross, but true).

* try the opaque cup trick. this is where you have a cup (dark, that you can't see through it) and as you chew your food, pretend you're taking a drink, but in reality you are spitting your food back into the cup. this only works if people aren't already suspicious of you. and please, dispose of the cup yourself!

* slop your food all over your plate. it will look like you have eaten a little bit of everything, even though you just really moved it all around.
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